Welcome to the Betty Stevens Cosmetology Institute.

Your career training will take less than a year, and there are rapid advancements for those with initiative. It involves work application, but it is very gratifying; artistically and financially. If self-motivation is developed with a proper attitude, you will be successful.

The courses are designed and organized to provide students with a sequence of training necessary for job entry requirements in the personal grooming industry. This includes both technical information and practical experience with hands-on work projects.

Our school is known for providing superior cosmetology training to all who enroll. The purpose is to prepare students for a successful career by offering close supervision in the newest techniques and theories of all types of beauty services. Salesmanship, business ethics, and motivation are also included in the training of the artful care of hair, skin and nails.

Another objective of the Institute is to offer continuing education to all cosmetologists. Other related advanced programs are provided to assist everyone in our profession to keep abreast of the rapidly changing world of cosmetology.