Continuing Education Classes


For the Cosmetologist or Nail Technician keeping CEUs (Continuing Education Units) current is important. You are required to receive 12 hours per licensure period (biannual).

Cosmetologists and Nail Technicians are responsible for their CEU classes and must be able to produce USC certificates should the Board request they be sent with license renewal. So it is important to put your University of South Carolina Certificates in a safe place. Please be aware there is a fee for duplicate certificates to be printed.

Not keeping up with CEUs and USC certificates can be time consuming and costly.

Getting one CEU class each year is the best plan. First, it will allow you to keep up to date. Second, you will not have to try to find two classes in one year that will suit your schedule.

Please take note of the classes offered and dates. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Classes are held at Betty Stevens Cosmetology Institute (BSCI map) and other locations to be announced.

Please Call us (843.669.4451) with any questions.

View the current CEU Schedule